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Don’t wait for people to come to you to sell their property.  It just won’t happen very often. Sometimes it is hard to see exactly where you can find investment sales listings and transaction opportunities.  That is where ‘systems’ of contact are very important.

The simplicity of the approach will help you delve into what people and thinking and doing in commercial real estate locally.  The sales will be there if you ask questions and connect with plenty of people.  Look for every variation of transaction type including expansion, relocation, upgrade, renovation, and

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An excellent place to start is the business telephone book for your city.  There are plenty of businesses you can connect with in that telephone book.  Simple questions that you would ask could be:

  • Do you need help with your business and property occupancy?
  • Are you running out of space in your current location?
  • Do you have expansion and relocation needs in your city?
  • What are the business cycles for your company, and where are the property pressures?

Real Estate Simplicity

They are simple questions, but they lead to other issues and opportunities.  Conversations are a good thing in commercial real estate brokerage.  Converse with people, create meetings and ask questions.  Use the telephone as part of that.

So, let’s build a planned approach to growing a commercial real estate business.  Try these ideas for starters:

  1. Check out the building owners
  2. Go direct to investors
  3. Ask about property needs
  4. Research and contact the local business owners
  5. Watch for the new developments
  6. Review older and redundant properties

This list will drive new business leads out from ‘under the covers’.

Research and Investigate People and Properties

When you investigate your town or city, and the property precincts, there will be certain areas of priority and some high-quality buildings to delve into. Split up your area, choose your buildings, and split up local your businesses into priority lists, where you can focus on the high-quality locations and the better connections.

Recognise that some of the business owners and property owners in the location will know more about the local property than you do. They will have seen things or heard of things happening with other occupants nearby. You will find the sales leads through doing that simple ongoing canvassing and contacting process.

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