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There are plenty of things that you should be doing in commercial real estate brokerage every day. In saying that, the number one issue should be prospecting for new clients and listings. Everything else takes a second position behind that activity. In today’s podcast, you can learn how to make cold calls more successfully in your brokerage activities, thereby attracting good clients and good quality listings into your listing bank.

  1. Learn how to devote the right amount of time to the process of getting started in your calls each day.  Learn how to avoid the distractions and the diversions that will arise as you make more calls and connect with more people
  2. Understand how your physiology and stance will be important when it comes to making those calls and getting the routine started. The simple strategy of ‘standing up’ will help you significantly with your success in the process of making cold calls
  3. Know how to make frequent calls to the same people and why you should do that. Understand the size of the database and how it can be grown over time with consistent and regular ongoing contact. 
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So the message here is that you should be making direct cold calls into your prospect database each day. On the basis, you will find the right properties and clients to work with over time, and you won’t need to struggle with listings into the future.

There are always properties to list, clients to find, and systems or situations to negotiate. Grow your market and your property activities for the right people in the right way. This podcast will help you do exactly that.

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