A Simple Cold Calling Technique that Really Works

One of the biggest problems with cold calling is in getting the confidence to make lots of calls and create conversations with people that you have not spoken to before.  Unless you can break the barrier and solve the problem you will find that the whole telephone contact process can be a bit difficult.

So let’s say one thing here and now that is really important in commercial real estate brokerage:

You as the agent must make cold calls in reasonable volume on a regular basis if you want to stay in the market converting more listings and opportunities; you cannot delegate the process. 

It doesn’t matter if you focus on sales, leasing, or property management; lots of direct calls are required to people that you may not have spoken to before.

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Cold Call Prospecting System for Brokers

Before I talk about the one thing that can help you significantly in making more contact calls, I will summarise the system that you should have in action right now:

  1. Research – Each night you should research more of the right people to talk to the next day.  They will be property investors, business owners, property owners, and property developers.  You need to add about 25 to 40 new people to your list each day so you can keep up the momentum.  Given that you will also be calling others back that you missed earlier in the week, together with the new contacts and the old contacts will have you calling about 40 to 50 people each day.  That is a good call target to work to.
  2. Conversations and Questions – One thing that will make a lot of difference to the conversations that you create and calls that you make will be your ability to converse and ask the right questions.  A free-flowing conversation is something that requires confidence and practice; that skill doesn’t come easily.  Each morning before you get to the office you should practice your prospecting words and dialogue so you know it completely and confidently.  The method of every call that you make should be polite conversation showing respect to the other person.  Your call is not a sales pitch.
  3. Commit the Time – Every day the time set for calls should be locked in your diary.  Devote about 2 hours to the process of making direct calls from the office to people that you have not spoken to before.  Track the call numbers and the results that you achieve.
  4. Relevance – Ideally the reason for the call should centre on identifying people that have an interest or need in commercial real estate today or potentially for the future.  A good conversation based on relevance will take help you get the results you require.

So the above 4 points are the basic structure to a call contact process.  You will have your database to use in making those calls and hopefully, you will have a quiet area of the office where you can find the privacy and the focus that you need to make the calls.  It is very difficult to make lots of calls in an open plan office where there are distractions all around you.

A Secret Cold Calling Tip

The one thing that will help you greatly in following the above call contact process is this:

‘If you stand up to make all of your calls, the conversations and confidence that you need in cold calling will come to you more effectively and easily.  If you stand up you will find that your call results will improve as will the number of meetings you create.’

It is a known physiological fact that standing up helps the brain with conversational ability.  Merge that process into your cold calling and you will find it a lot easier to make the calls and find new clients to serve.

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