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A Simple Formula and Checklist to Control Tenant Fit-out Works in Commercial Office Buildings

If you have a bit to do with investment property leasing, particularly that with office or retail property, you will know the problems that can evolve with a new tenant entering a property after negotiating a lease and then undertaking fit-out works. 

Noise, dust, disruption, and inconvenience are all factors that come to mind.  If you have other tenants in the same building it can be a real frustration.

So the message here is that tenants should be controlled from the point of leasing the office property and during fit-out works.  It is the job of the property manager to ensure that all other occupants in the property are not inconvenienced in any way.  The property manager should also fully understand the requirements of the landlord when it comes to construction works and building approvals.

Here are some ideas in the form of a leasing and fit-out checklist for an office property to help with that.  The list can also be adjusted to suit retail property.

  1. Lease signed, Deposits paid, Rentals paid, Guarantees or Bonds lodged
  2. Fit-out Guide for Building issued and terms accepted by tenant
  3. Take photos of premises and notes of current handover quality
  4. Provide tenant with plans and drawings for connections to base building services
  5. Tenant received Building Rules (get receipt)
  6. Architect received Building Rules (get receipt)
  7. Contractor received Building Rules (get receipt)
  8. Development Application/BA Approval (Building Approvals)
  9. Works Notification received
  10. Pre Fit-out Architectural Drawings received
  11. Pre Fit-out Architectural Drawings approved
  12. Pre Fit-out Mechanical Drawings received
  13. Pre Fit-out Mechanical Drawings approved
  14. Pre Fit-out Electrical Drawings received
  15. Pre Fit-out Electrical Drawings approved
  16. Pre Fit-out Fire Drawings received
  17. Pre Fit-out Fire Drawings approved
  18. Pre Fit-out Hydraulic Drawings received
  19. Pre Fit-out Hydraulic Drawings approved
  20. Principal Contractor(s) appointed
  21. Works Program received
  22. Dilapidation Report accepted
  23. Contractor Environmental Statement
  24. Contractor WPHS Statement (Work Place Health and Safety)
  25. Risk Assessment received
  26. Onsite Commencement
  27. Progressive Architectural Report
  28. Progressive Mechanical Report
  29. Progressive Fire Protection Report
  30. Progressive Electrical Report
  31. Progressive Data Report
  32. Progressive Hydraulics Report
  33. Construction Completion Report
  34. As Installed Drawings:
    1. Architectural – showing fire escape paths
    2. Mechanical
    3. Fire
    4. Evacuation
    5. Lighting
    6. Electrical
    7. Hydraulic
    8. Data
    9. Telephones
  35. Depreciation Schedule received
  36. Occupancy Certificate received
  37. Certification:
    1. Architectural
    2. Mechanical
    3. Fire
    4. Evacuation
    5. Lighting
    6. Electrical
    7. Hydraulic
    8. Data
    9. Telephones
  38. Cleaning Inspection
  39. Take photos of finished fit-out and a full record of completed works
  40. Floor Security Summary received
  41. Proximity Security Card information received
  42. Proximity Security Cards issued
  43. Tenant Services Manager inducts tenant

You could use this list in any lease and occupancy agreement in a modern office building.  You can add to the list based on your location and the particular property given that certain circumstances and controls may be required for unique installations and tenant activity.

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