A Threatening Action Plan for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Investment Sales

If you work in commercial property investment sales, you will understand the importance of the market segment and the people that you serve within it.  They are typically focused on one main thing, and that is the improvement of the property investment.  How they achieve that outcome can be your services speciality using all of the tools and resources that you have at your disposal.

Stand out as the ‘agent of choice’ when it comes to taking action and moving on a property challenge; be threatening and be challenging.  Challenge your market place and drive your business forward with specific skills and resources.

Given this main investment client focus, you can specifically refine your brokerage services to include and optimise the following:

  • Investment performance – When you look at any single property there will be things that you can do to improve the investment. A property business plan can be created for the client and the property.  Each year the key performance indicators of investment can be tracked and worked on to optimise the net income and capital gain.
  • Growth of income – There are differences between gross and net rents. Those differences should be watched given the separate leases, the outgoings recovery processes, and the length of leases.  Any upcoming vacancy should be identified and resolved as quickly as possible to prevent income downgrade.  You can adopt a number of rent and lease strategies that help to set the right foundations of property improvement.
  • Tenant selection – Some tenants are better than others when you take into account the type of business, length of lease, and the required overall property lease profiles. Choose your tenants based on the vacancy to be filled, and what the tenants can bring to the property.  When in any doubt ask plenty of questions about tenant business skill, history, and their intentions.  You can establish a comprehensive database to help you choose the right tenants for your investment properties and clients.
  • Tenant mix strategies – Develop a few alternatives relating to tenant mix. Understand what you can do with different property types to boost rental growth and lessen vacancy risk.  The tenant mix strategies of today involve the alternatives of market rent, permitted use, clustering, lease duration, options, and rent reviews.  You can offer a professional tenant mix solution to all of your investment clients to help them position their properties before intended sale or upgrade of portfolio.
  • Portfolio growth, change, and property sale or acquisition – Given the factors of the local property market, opportunities will arise from time to time with fresh property acquisitions and or sales. Everything relates to timing and being in the right place to introduce the correct people (your clients) to the property exchange.  To do this successfully you must understand the requirements of your clients so you can make a move on property changeover when the right elements of the market exist.

These simple factors of investment refinement can help you service your brokerage investment clients at the right time and in the right way.  Over time that can lead to commercial real estate investment sales.  Challenge your competitors and take specific actions that your clients cannot ignore.

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