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A Time Strategy that Drives Commercial Real Estate Business Massively

How can you build your real estate business with consistent momentum? The best rule is that the first two hours of the day should be spent in the process of client and prospect contact. That will help you build your momentum and local area coverage. Somewhere in there will be your listings, clients, transactions, and commissions.

Nothing is more important than this logic and new business system, especially if you are looking to improve your results in commercial real estate over time.

Secure your business future by working to this simple and yet demanding solution. Why is it demanding you may say? It takes personal commitment, and it is a ‘habit’ building process. Are you ready for the challenge? Start setting some new habits in place.

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Contact Strategies

Here is an approach to commercial real estate that gives a solid foundation of leads and contacts over time. Compare this approach to what you are doing now; perhaps you can improve your current processes. A simple plan like this works well.

  1. Calling new people will always be on the top of the list. You must talk to new people because there are always changes in the property market and your list of clients will be quite fluid and changing. Over time you will lose clients and gain some as well. Build new relationships consistently through ongoing contact, and in so doing, you can fill your database with names and ongoing contact activity. As logical as this sounds, it takes some definite focus to achieve the level of commitment; its all personal. Reaching out to new people allows you to take a big step forward in your real estate business. It is the most important strategy to develop if you want your real estate business to thrive.
  2. Spend time talking to other people about their property needs and not yours. It is too easy to pitch your services, even before you know if the other person has a focus or an interest in commercial real estate. Forget that logic! You don’t know the situation of the people you talk to, and so your approach should be to see if they have an interest in commercial investment property and to see if they have a potential future need. It’s OK for people to say ‘no’ to your initial approach and expect that most will do that. The real question for you to address when contacting new people is to know if you can help them in the future.
  3. Sharing information property information from the location with business people and investors is a good plan or approach. From that point, you can then ask questions about the location, the person, their business, and their property interests. Conversations lead to opportunity if you are professional about things.

You can see that there is a definite formula of approach here that can take you forward in commercial real estate. Are you ready for the challenge? Learn the skills, be prepared to do more each day, and improve your efforts where you can. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in the industry; you will always be challenging yourself to new situations, people, and property activities. That is the foundation of being a top agent.

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