Accelerated Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When it comes to selling or leasing a commercial or retail property, the marketing process needs to be carefully considered and focused towards the beginning of the campaign.  The first four weeks of any marketing campaign will be the most important.  During that time you should attract the right people to the property and the opportunities that it presents.

It can be said that you must focus on an accelerated marketing campaign.  That will be something to attract at the early stages of promotion, the solid levels of enquiry that the property deserves.  Here are some rules to help you with the process:

  1. To establish a solid and very active marketing campaign, you need to have vendor marketing funds.  That should be part of the strategy within the listing presentation and client acceptance.  The correct amount of marketing fees should be based on the property type, the target market, and the choices of media as part of the promotion.
  2. When the property is ready to be released to the market, have a strategy ready to move on local property owner and business owner contact.  This means that when you promote the listing on the Internet and within the local newspapers it will be the trigger point for you to start the personal marketing process; that will involve you personally door knocking and cold call the local area speaking to property owners and business proprietors.
  3. Every quality listing should feature a specially designed sign board.  The signboard will attract interest from the local area within a very short number of hours after placement.  That is the reason you start a personal marketing process through the streets and the overall precinct.  When you ramp up the activity, you build the momentum and the inspection opportunity.  The first four weeks of the campaign are very important to get the traction.
  4. Most agents should be doing an e-mail based newsletter once per week.  It has been proven that the best days to do that are Wednesday through to Friday.  Any new listings taken to the market should feature within the newsletter.  The software used for the e-mail blast should track the clicks relative to each property listing and the identity of each recipient.  In that way you can follow up those people that seem to be focused on a particular property type or listing.
  5. At a personal level, you can also establish a blog that is linked to your social media activity and property listings.  This crosslinking process will give you greater profile and relevance across the Internet.  It will also help you when it comes to the promotion of particular properties.
  6. At the same time as releasing the property to the market.  Go through your database to ensure that you have identified other qualified buyers or tenants as the case may be to undertake an inspection of the property.  Early inspections are a good way to get feedback and help the client understand the market as it exists today.
  7. The accelerated marketing process involves feedback to the client on a frequent basis.  At least three times per week report to the client in writing and verbally to help them understand the levels of feedback coming in from the various marketing initiatives.
  8. Test and measure all of your marketing activity so that you know what works when it comes to the property types and locations.  Track the inbound telephone calls and the emails that come to you as part of each exclusive listing promotion.  You may see differences between the property types and locations.  Make adjustments to your campaign based on the promotional feedback that you are receiving.

So there are some real ways to escalate the marketing process for the quality listings on your books.  Make the right choices and keep up the momentum.

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