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Action Plan to Create More Commercial Real Estate Telephone Enquiry

In commercial real estate brokerage, the telephone should feature as an essential part of your business processes and enquiry base as an agent in both sales and leasing activity.  When the telephone is ringing with an inbound enquiry, you have plenty of possibilities to convert with new people.  That then can lead to inspections.  (NB – you can get plenty of new business ideas in commercial real estate here in ‘Snapshot’ – it’s free)

The ‘front end’ of interaction in our business is quite important, so use the ‘person to person’ contact concept comprehensively.  It is the serious end where business targets can set on connections, clients, and prospects. 

Know your contact ‘tools’ and use them.  Your cell phone is the most important business tool that is essential and crucial to your business growth as an agent.  The internet is the next most critical instrument of business creation.

Put the telephone and the internet together as a foundation for commercial real estate brokerage business growth.  Make the telephone ring more frequently.

That inbound ‘churn factor’ creates some real openings for listings, sales, and leasing activity.  Focus on generating more inbound calls.  Design your listing and personal marketing with that factor as a ‘primary’ for new business and listing targets.


Proven Telephone Strategies that Work

Here are some proven ideas to make this telephone strategy a big part of your business day:

  1. SIGNS: Get more signboards into your location and include your cell phone number on everything. Given your local area, monitor the number of signs that you have placed on listings, and take care to watch the ratio of exclusive listings that you control when compared to your competitors.  Open listings are not much use to you in generating market share.  Ratios are important.  Control your property market through exclusivity and signage.
  2. INFORMATION: Design each advert with a deliberate limit to any provided information so people should call you to get more detail. Don’t overload your advertisements with too much information.  Your primary target should be to have people contact you with their enquiry.
  3. LIMIT ADDRESSES: Don’t be too keen to put property addresses on advertisements. Give enough information to create interest.  That will usually be the property type, suburb location, property information, and availability.  You do not need to put a specific address of the property on your marketing online or offline.
  4. EMAIL MARKETING: Get a frequent email marketing process underway to all the people in your database. A fortnightly despatch of listings via email will create your ‘brand’ and ‘sell’ your speciality in the location.  Grow your database through personal contact and a professional matrix of social media, blogs, websites, and the online portals.
  5. YOUR PROFESSIONAL CARD: Give out your business card to ever more new people as part of your daily property visits and location canvassing. You can use your card in this way to build your brand comprehensively through personal contact and all conversations.
  6. CALL TO ACTION: Use the ‘call for a brochure’ strategy on all your marketing and advertising. While it seems so obvious as a basis of marketing, the ‘call to action’ is not done overly well by many agents.  Invite people to contact you 24/7 with their enquiries and questions about any listing or property need.
  7. BEST METHODS OF MARKETING: There will always be better ways to promote a property.  Look at the property for its configuration, improvements, attraction, and target market.  You can then more accurately choose the best method of marketing and advertising.  The solution you choose should be matched to the target market and how they are motivated to act and enquire about local properties.


Given these things, remember that you are the local property specialist, and on that basis, you have valuable local information to share.  Invite people to call you with any questions and comments.  Share your local information.  Create conversations and make notes from all telephone conversations.

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