Addressing Ultimate Concerns and Questions in Commercial Real Estate Presentations

In commercial real estate brokerage, the clients that we serve will have concerns and questions relative to their property activity and choices of marketing.  As an initial strategy when working with all clients, make a priority to understand their challenges, and their questions.  You will need to address both of these issues in your proposal and listing presentation.  When you do that comprehensively, you have a greater chance of converting the listing on an exclusive process to your brokerage.

Here are some strategies to help you with this question and answer process:

  1. Meet the client at the property in preparation for the listing activity.  Walk through the property to review the strengths and weaknesses that could have an impact on the marketing campaign.  Let the client tell you what they believe will be the case when it comes to property promotion and sale or lease.  Ask plenty of questions as part of that strategy.  You will soon identify three or four key issues that the client has some focus on or may be concerned about.  Those three or four key issues can then be fed back into your property proposal and listing strategy.  Provide specific answers and strategies within your listing document to those particular challenges.
  2. Address all of the questions and concerns of the client on an individual basis.  When necessary, provide them with three or four alternatives together with your recommendations of response.  In many respects, the clients prefer a choice but they will accept recommendations.
  3. When it comes to your proposal document, avoid using standard content and generic recommendations.  Be specific to the property listing and the marketing strategy.  Give the client some real reasons to choose an exclusive listing process.  Put yourself into the marketing process so that they understand the commitment that will be provided to generating the necessary enquiry.
  4. Don’t just answer a question or problem for the client; provide a real solution.  When it comes to marketing choices, methods of sale and methods of lease, the solutions and recommendations that you make have real value in the required end result.  Ultimately you are looking to generate solid amounts of inbound enquiry and good property inspection rates.  When you get that, you can create and set the scene for productive negotiations.

To win a listing in this competitive commercial property market, it is a matter of providing the best solutions and recommendations as part of a believable listing package.  Give the client some reasons to move ahead with your agency and brokerage strategies.

Be specific to the property requirements, and ask for the exclusive listing.  Where necessary, be prepared to walk away from an open listing request.  Always remember that your time and skills are valuable commodities that should be focused only on the exclusive listing process.  Open listings are a random marketing process with below average results.

When you control the listing stock, you control the market and the client.  In that way you can achieve productive outcomes.  Let the market come to you as the top agent in the local area.

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