Advertising and Marketing Leverage in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate sales and leasing, the traditional advertisement has a lot of power in attracting the right enquiry.  It’s just that the location of the advertising has changed a lot.  Our strategy of marketing needs to change with it.

Today we are getting most of our enquiry from the internet, so the advertising that we place out in the market for a property should be designed for the place you are putting it.  When it comes to property advertising on the internet, the best way to attract the buyers and tenants is to use keywords that have been well chosen from the search engine activity.

You can understand and research the keywords by using the keywords search tool that most search engines have available.  You simply type in your key phrase such as ‘industrial Warehouse Newtown’, and then you see the keywords and combinations that come out.

Most of the keywords will have some ranking number that will tell you how many times the word has been searched in the last 1 month.  You can then choose a selection of words that relate to your property and that will match the target market.  Don’t overdo it, but select 5 or so keywords that fit your property.  They can then be placed in the text of your marketing material.

Taking these words I would frame the advertising with careful consideration taking into account the following:

  1. Professional photographs are very important to send the right message about the property.  It is a known fact that professionally taken property photographs will attract the reader’s eye and interest.
  2. Below or above the photo you will need a great headline that reflects the property situation.   Some words sell a concept much better than others.  For example you could use the words ‘Opportunity to buy top property’.  By comparison you could change some words to do much more with the phrase.  Look at the alternative as ‘Opportunity on a Grand Scale’.  The second phrase will do more for your marketing than the first.  To help you with this concept and all your future advertising for local property, get a book of ‘words and phrases that sell’.  Many books of that type are available on the internet and can help you find that correct phrase to promote the property.
  3. Below the photo and the headline, always use 4 or 5 dot points that simply display and detail the features of the property.  Your research and initial property inspection should have determined what those things are.  A similar strategy of keyword and phrase selection is needed here.
  4. Keep sentences in your marketing material relatively short and simple.  Encourage people to call you for more information.

The advertising process in commercial real estate marketing does not need to be complex, but it does need to be planned.  When you make the right choices, you will create more inquiry.

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