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Commercial Real Estate Agents – Advertising and Marketing Strategies

Today we have many types of commercial and retail properties to advertise. As part of that process, we have a limited amount of people that can act on the sale or lease as buyers or tenants.

So mixing and matching properties to people becomes a big part of your real estate day. How are you promoting your listings now? Can you do more with what you have? Think about your target market segments and just how you are reaching out to them with each listing.

On that basis, every property has to be optimized for advertising and marketing. Generating inquiries from your marketing and then converting the inquiry to a realistic offer is really important.

Where Are The Real Estate People?

When the property market changes, slows or gets tougher, the buyers and tenants are still out there. It’s just that they are slower to react and have a set of criteria that must be satisfied before they make enquiries. In that type of property market, you have to connect with plenty of people. The frequency of contact and the method of doing so is important.

As agents and salespeople can bring real expertise to the clients we serve and help move properties faster given all of the prevailing market conditions. Your services are of value to the clients that you help in sales and leasing. Remember that as you talk to ever more people. Conversations will always lead you to better real estate opportunities.

Agent Experts for Results

We should always market ourselves as the experts that can bring in the results, the enquiry, the inspections, and the offers. Our listing presentations and sales pitch should be built around those facts.

Show the client exactly how you can solve the property problems quickly and effectively. Agent experience really matters today when it comes to moving property for a client.

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Commercial Real Estate Skills by John Highman

What Are The Property Marketing Issues?

So the concerns to be satisfied in marketing commercial, industrial, or retail property today should include:

  • Identifying the right people and segments or groups to approach with the listing
  • Attracting the target market that will pay the best price or the best rent for the property
  • Motivating the buyers and tenants to call you and arrange to look at the property in an inspection on site
  • Encouraging offers for the property as part of any inspection, either for sale or lease as the case may be

Advertising of property today has to be quite specific and well planned.

Take every marketing campaign and do more with it. Every dollar spent on advertising should be part of a specifically designed marketing campaign that is attracting the right people to the property given the location, improvements, and the range of asking price or rent.

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Good ways to build your listing chances in real estate.

The Property Advertising Rules

Set some rules in promotion and marketing locally. To do this effectively advertising strategies can be designed for your location, the precincts, and property type.

Here are some ideas to help:

  • LOCAL AREA FOCUS: Most inquiries on advertising a commercial property come from the local area. A significant part of your budget and campaign should be devoted to the local businesses in the general location. It is best to contact local businesses personally as part of that process.
  • INVESTORS ARE VALUABLE: Property investors are a good source of activity when it comes to selling a property. Review your database from previous campaigns to revisit people that did not make an offer or who were unsuccessful.
  • DAYS OF THE WEEK: In a standard business week, the bulk of property inquiry comes in between the days of Wednesday to Saturday. Most of your marketing should be dedicated to these days of the week.
  • GET PERSONALLY INVOLVED: Personal contact remains the most important component of property marketing today. If you have listings in your books, then you have a reason to talk to people. Every day you should devote a part of your day to doing just that.
  • LOCATION-BASED CONTACT: Canvass the local streets around every listing personally. Do this to discuss property activity and to spread the word about your listings. It is remarkable just how many opportunities you can find when you do this.  Condition your clients with local market evidence.

Today you must advertise any property listing comprehensively. This can and only should be done with those clients that give you an exclusive listing. With those listings you can devote the time to the marketing process and generate the right type of inquiry.

Vendor paid marketing funds are part of that process. If a client gives you an ‘open listing’ that is listed with all agents in the local area, the process of marketing should only be random until you find the right type of inquiry.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Learn how to refine and improve your marketing processes directly in your local area and within your property types. You can build your real estate business faster with these marketing tips. Engage with your audience and the prospects and clients. That is the promotional process and you can create systems around that.

Commercial real estate today offers plenty of opportunities and comprehensive canvassing situations across all property types, media channels, and listing types.

Every listing can be promoted into a target market, a region, or a target audience. The strategy will be a focus on the right way to reach best the people. Do you make enough calls? Can you create more meetings?

There are plenty of things that you can do to boost your enquiry results when it comes to your commercial real estate brokerage activities and your targeted listings.

Boost Your Marketing This Way

Take these ideas and boost your marketing activities within your segments, your territory, and your property specialisation.

Use these ideas to engage with more people each day.  Make it a target of each working day to talk to more new people and spread the word regards your quality listings in the location. New listings create conversations, and on that basis, you can develop your market share quite quickly.

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