Affordable Marketing Tools for Commercial Real Estate Agents and Brokers

You don’t have to spend a lot of money when it comes to commercial real estate advertising and marketing.  There are many marketing tools and strategies that are simple to use and cost effective.

Before going too much further, it should be said that there are two sides to the marketing equation.  Firstly there is the required promotion of exclusively listed properties, and secondly there is the promotion of the individual agent to attract ongoing and future enquiries with sales and leasing activity as the case may be.

Use Effective Marketing Tools

Here are some specific strategies of advertising and marketing that are quite effective in commercial real estate brokerage:

  1. Business Cards – Make it a rule to send 20 business cards out every day as part of your brochure marketing system and prospecting system. Business cards remain one of the most effective and simple marketing tools available.  Every piece of correspondence, brochure, letter, and inspection report should involve and enclose your business card.
  2. Direct Letters – The traditional letter has far more impact than a generic e-mail. If you are trying to attract enquiry or the attention of clients and prospects, send out a number of direct letters every day.
  3. Telephone Calls – As the mobile telephone takes over the business world, you can make plenty of business calls and prospecting calls from just about anywhere. Use your mobile telephone to make calls whenever you have spare time.
  4. Database Software – Some CRM systems today are online and cloud based. That makes it a lot easier to make your outbound calls.  Many of those CRM systems are cost effective and customisable, so you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars getting started with a database.  One such program is Zoho ( and it is easily adjusted to the personal marketing and prospecting programs required by agents.
  5. Door Knocking – Most new business leads are locally based. Some property owners, occupiers, and investors will be considering moving.  By door knocking the local business owners you can get so many leads and referrals opportunities.
  6. Referrals – After any deal has been completed successfully, there will be lots of reasons to ask for referrals leads to others connected to your clients and prospects. Every landlord, tenant, business owner, and property investor will have relationships with others that can nurtured into business opportunities.
  7. Vendor Paid Marketing – As the name suggests, the vendors of quality listings should be contributing to local marketing costs and campaigns. Pitch and present your services with clients and listings accordingly.
  8. Social Media and Blogs – When you have something to talk about in the local property market you can use your blog to do that and then you can link the blog to your social media strategies. Something worth talking about is worth sharing, and your social media tools are ideal for doing that.
  9. Current Listings – Every current listing will be a reason to talk to many people. Use your listings as ‘conversation starters’ in commercial real estate.  From one simple listing you can move into discussing the requirements and challenges of property for any local investor or business owner.
  10. Case Studies or Market Updates – Every completed sale or lease will give you reasons to create a case study about the result achieved. You can then spread that case study across many media channels and social media outlets.
  11. Signboards – Every signboard that you can place in your property market will be a silent and effective tool to pull in enquiry.  Place signs on all your exclusive listings.

All of these tools are affordable and effective in commercial real estate brokerage.  Don’t complicate your marketing efforts as an agent.  Use simple marketing tools in a comprehensive and ongoing way; that’s how you find the leads and referrals for new listings.

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