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An Emphasis on the Commercial Real Estate Tipping Point

When you work as an agent in commercial real estate brokerage, there are plenty of things to do on a regular basis. Somewhere in there will be a ‘tipping point’ where you can build your real estate business faster and with more success.

In today’s podcast, we share some ideas about that fact and how you can make it work for your career and real estate business.

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Direct your thoughts and feelings towards generating more new business. Results are a few simple steps away when you think it all through. Just ask yourself a question and consider the full alternatives; take the positive approach and alternative.

Ask yourself a question that will cause you to think and feel something empowering or remember something great that you have done. Results from the past will empower your future if you let them. Here is the podcast to help you reach a ‘tipping point’ in your real estate business.

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