Around the Clock Motivation Skills for Commercial Real Estate Agents

When you work as a Commercial Real Estate Broker or Agent you will have some good days and difficult days; that is the nature of professional selling.  When you have those ‘down’ days it is important to stay focused and motivated on the things that matter and not the things that went wrong.

You can carry a list with you of your top successes in each of these categories:

  1. Winning high quality listings
  2. Recent marketing campaigns
  3. Good clients that you work for
  4. Referrals from clients
  5. Deals that you have won from other agents and brokers
  6. Testimonials from clients
  7. Commissions (sales and leasing separately)
  8. Tough negotiations (sales and leasing separately)

There are a couple of reasons why you should do this.  Firstly the facts in each category help you with stories to tell your new prospects and clients as part of a listing close or negotiation, but most importantly the facts help you with personal motivation when your day or the deals are difficult.

Each of the categories chosen on the list has relevance and balance to the type of work that we do.  More importantly they help you with the parts of our business where opportunity always sits.

Let’s try an example.  So let’s say that you have had a difficult day with some client on a listing that you have now lost; the client has moved their listing to another agent.   The best way to reignite your motivation and get your mind back on track is to personally review item 8 (the tough deals that you have completed and closed).   Take the time to consider how those other tough deals occurred and how you managed to hold things together under pressure.

It is a fact that you will not make everyone happy and close all the sales and leasing deals that you take on; importantly however you should be converting your fair share or better than the industry averages.  Commercial real estate is like that.

Remember the positive things that you have achieved and shape your thinking around them, especially at the time when another deal or client activity has not proceeded well.  When you shape your thinking you shape your actions and outcomes as a real estate agent.

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