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In commercial real estate, a good negotiator is one who has a thorough understanding of all of the property and market factors. In today’s video, we share some priorities to think about with real estate negotiations and particularly with listings.

This is a changing and growing real estate market in many locations and that will impact the way in which you list properties. Your clients, their properties, and the local property market pressures all require assessment so you can improve enquiry.

Look at what is happening so you can optimize the possibilities of enquiries, inspections, and ultimately the deal potentials. Are you ready for the real estate challenge?

It is a good property market for those that can get organizes and consistently take action. Check out the video for things to focus on.

The Challenge of Negotiating Today

You could say that it is all a challenge in meeting and matching property market conditions. In some cases, getting the pieces to fit together can be a battle given the priorities of the parties.

When it comes to the negotiation process, our clients expect their agents to be knowledgeable and experienced. This video today will help you with some ideas to improve your approach to listings and marketing.

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