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Become the Challenger and Top Commercial Agent Locally

There is no point in being the same as all other agents in your location when it comes to sales of listings and property projects. It is better to be different and very active locally across the sales alternatives; what you want is a situation where your sales listing solutions and marketing activities are seen and driven to the right people and in the right way. Stand out as the ‘agent of choice’.

Be a challenger of property standards and do new and different things in brokerage; be different. Your clients need you to be a solution provider that is innovative and active. Every lead and conversation can be investigated and explored for opportunity now or in the future. Everything can be tracked and monitored for activity in the future.

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Know your real estate marketing plan.

Don’t Be Ordinary in Local Marketing

It directly follows that you can do more with your property listings if you first spend time thinking about the best ways forward, and then take some action. It might be a standard property that you have listed, but it doesn’t have to be marketed in a standard way.

Challenge your property promotional activities, so they are no longer ‘standard’ but highly efficient and well ‘crafted’. Do these things with your next listing to be taken to the property market:

Define the target market and then open that segment with questions of property types, timings, and budgets. That then helps you find conversation points to raise with other people or the prospects that you believe could have an interest in the property.
Look at the competing properties in the location and review the marketing that applies in each case. You can then see what is working or how things can be improved.
Property promotional processes can always be improved by professional photos, campaigns, local area stories, and enhanced listing placement.
There will likely be a story or history of the property listing that you can use in your promotional campaign. Go to the local planning office as see what has happened in the area or the location over time. Consider the ‘angles’ that others may find interesting; there will be an editorial there that you can create and share in newspapers, websites, blogs, articles, and case studies.
Stage your campaigns of promotions across a period and always change the layouts and marketing messages every couple of weeks in the online marketing process.
Ensure that you have some solid search engine exposure and traction in your marketing. You can get that by using keywords that apply to the location, the property type, the asset, and the target audience. Then design all your promotional channels to pick up those strategies. Those promotional channels will be social media, articles, case studies, brochures, and email marketing.

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Create better client contact systems in real estate

Do More and Achieve More

So, these things can ‘challenge’ your approach to sales and the listings that you have for sales. The simple idea here is that you can do more with your commercial property marketing in every case. Design your marketing for results and ensure that all your promotional messages are clear, well-staged, and targeted.

Become a challenger of marketing standards and do more with every good quality property that you take on. Spread the word and comprehensively canvass all property enquiry and interest angles.

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