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When attracting new clients for commercial real estate brokerage, think about how you might interact with clients and prospects more effectively. Real estate questions help with that.

Your confidence, relevance, and knowledge will be communicated to the other person through the quality of your inquiries.

Nowadays, being “average” as an agent in commercial real estate is pointless. Most of the newly accessible business goes to real estate people who market themselves comprehensively, not generic agents.

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Where Does all the New Business Go?

Most of the newly accessible business goes to relevant and skilled agents, not generic ones. How to you compare to other agents?

The leverage you generate to list properties should be genuine and pertinent to the customer because the real estate industry is dynamic. That is a deliberate marketing position and leverage point to consider.

There are plenty of agents in the property market. Some could be more skilled in the things that really matter when solving a property problem for a client. That then can become an advantage for you and a point of focus.

Show your relevance and professional approach around the questions you ask the people you talk to. Show that you have the ideas and solutions that matter in real estate today.

Aligning to the Clients Property

So, your questions would be aligned with the client’s situation and their property need; be that sales, leasing, buying, renting, or property management. Most agents don’t go deep on questions. Standing out as a top real estate agent is easy because of that.

Think about your meetings with clients and prospects. Ask the first question, and then ask more questions from the answers you get.

Strive to get all the facts; show that you really understand what the client needs and what they think and have good solutions ready to share. Make notes as you go.

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Asking Deeper Questions

The questions you ask can be aligned to the following categories:

  • Property design and layout
  • Title and property ownership
  • Boundaries and site related issues
  • Occupancy and tenancy mix matters
  • History of the property and or the location
  • Improvements, services, and amenities
  • Operational issues, plus more

Good questions help the connection and the discussions with the client. Top agents align with the client comprehensively.

Expanding Information

All these categories can be delved into and expanded based on the property and the client’s history with or ownership of that property.

Use the elements of the property today to create a story and recommendations that work for the client’s property challenge.

So, this is all about using ‘questions’ as points of leverage in brokerage today. The quality of your questions today will help you market yourself for the future. As you do that, you can display your real estate skills to clients that need property solutions.

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