Blog Strategies that Really Work as Part of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Marketing

If you work in commercial real estate brokerage, you should seriously consider the opportunities that can be created through a blog strategy.  You can integrate the blog specifically within your website or as part of your personal marketing process through the various social media channels.  It is a very powerful tool to use online.  Far too many agents rely mainly on property listings to attract enquiry and market themselves.  There are many other things that you can do and blogging is one of the most effective across the internet.  Have something to say as an agent or broker, and then publish it and circulate it.

Can you put some good words together?

If you are relatively skilful in writing and creativity, then you should be producing a blog that talks about the local property market in many different ways; people want information and that is why the search engines are out there looking for articles and blogs.  Information doesn’t come from a property listing or advertisement.  Information comes from professional people with intelligence and knowledge.  Is that you?

When you establish the process of blogging online, the search engines will soon see the frequency of your articles, the topics that you are talking about, and the locations that the information is relative to.

Help the search engines to solve questions and answers online, and the search engines will help you to be located in any relevant search.  Keep your information helpful and insightful to a location and or property type.  The more specific that you are the better things can be for you with the search engines.

Why do it?

So the blog strategy allows you to talk about the property market, property types, levels of enquiry, and ideas.  It helps you promote yourself exclusively in the local area as the industry specialist that you want to be.  The strategy of blog creation adds a further layer of promotion and credibility to your marketing activities.  You can then integrate the articles and logs that you create into your social media activity.

Specific blog ideas

Here are some specific ideas to help you build your online blog for your location and hence allow you to boost your personal profile online:

  1. KEEP UP THE MOMENTUM: Frequency of blog writing is really important. Ideally you should be writing an article relative to your marketplace and property specialty at least two or three times per week.  It is quite easy for most people to put together a short article 400 words on a specific topic if you know a reasonable amount about the location.  You can write an article at home in the evening and place it online next day.  Frequency is an important part of blogging and online marketing.
  2. BE SPECIFIC: Remember that you are focusing on a specific property type and location when you write your material. In everything that you write understand the keywords that could apply to the topic and your town or city.  There is no need to fill an article with too much keyword stuffing, as long as you write normally and directly on topic.  The search engines know when they are reviewing an article that is stuffed with too many keywords out of context to the normal flow of a written topic.
  3. ADD VALUE THROUGH LINKS TO INFORMATION: Create anchor links within the text and article blog. When you have been writing articles for a period of time, you will be able to link some of your articles to others as an added benefit to the reader.  So what does this mean?  Within the context of an article you will be talking about specific things such as ‘tenant mix strategy’.  Within that article you can link the words ‘tenant mix strategy’ to another article that continues the topic or expands on the concept.  Soon the interaction between your blogs and the cross-linking strategy on key issues will be of great benefit and attraction to the search engines.

So these are very simple strategies that you can use as part of a blog initiative in personal online marketing.  Frequency and relevance will allow your articles and logs to be seen by the search engines.  In each article that you write show that you really understand the property type and location.

Provide useful and direct information about local property market changes and opportunities.  Avoid talking about specific listings in your written blogs given that your listings are already handled in a different way and in different location online.  Promote yourself and your intelligence with online blogging about your property types and locations.

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