Blueprint for Creating More VIP Clients in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

If you choose your clients carefully in commercial real estate brokerage, there are usually multiple ways in which you can help them over time and that then leads to better commissions.  A good quality client can be a ‘client for life’ and a source of many levels of commissions and listings over a substantial period of time (usually years).

A good quality client or prospect is a ‘VIP’ in your database and should be ‘flagged’ accordingly.   When you grow your list of ‘VIP’ people, your commercial real estate brokerage can thrive.

Are you ready to attract more new business from your client base?  Consider these questions:

  • When did you last talk to all the VIP clients and prospects that you know?
  • How can you connect extra services to your VIP clients?
  • Who are your best VIP clients and why is that so?
  • Who are the next VIP clients to move to a property need or transaction?

The common thread here is that of the VIP client.  You should have a select group of those special and unique clients in your database now; you should be connecting with them at a higher level than anything else or any other group.

What’s your VIP plan?

So you need a ‘blueprint or plan’ to move ordinary clients to the levels of a VIP.  You can then easily ‘cross sell’ services to those people at the right time.

A VIP client will:

  • Know who you are
  • How to connect with you
  • Trust you in all ways possible
  • Refer to you with any property challenge in the local area

How many clients of that type do you have now?  If the number is small then it would pay for you to take a serious look at your prospecting model and your database structure.  Pick the strong client relationships from your database and make them even stronger.  Remove the clients from your database that are a weakness for you.  If the client doesn’t really trust you now, then they are not really a client for the long term.

If you have a reasonable skill level as a broker or agent you should be able to cover off and pitch your sales, leasing, and property management services with your VIP clients at the right time.  That suggests you can sell your brokerage services in all three disciplines and convert the clients that you know now to more relevant activity that helps them with any property challenge.

The all important client list

Here is a list of potential clients to start working on to revert to VIP’s:

  1. Property Management Clients
  2. Leasing Clients and Tenants
  3. Local property owners
  4. Investors in the local area
  5. Franchise tenants
  6. Property professionals
  7. Developers

There are always some good ways to build better client relationships.  Put your clients at the centre of your business model.  That is how you grow your commercial real estate brokerage business.

You can get more client contact tips in commercial real estate in our ‘Snapshot’ eCourse right here.

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