Broker Confidence and Optimism Helps Win More Commercial Property Presentations

When it comes to pitching and presenting your commercial real estate services to a new client, a good degree of personal confidence and optimism is required at a personal level with agents.  Those two factors will help the client in the selection of the best brokerage for the listing.   Could that be your brokerage?

The reasons that certain agents are more successful at listing conversions usually centres on relevance, information, confidence, and strategy.  It’s a personal thing and it can be practiced.

Communicate and Connect with  Clients

To achieve that level of communication, many connection strategies should occur with any property presentation; that is a personal process that every agent should get under control.

Are you aligning yourself to the client and the property?  Can you convert at least 75% of your listings from presentations?  Are you converting exclusive listings in the main?  Special questions like these will help you see the priorities to be addressed in any property promotion.

Pitch your services in a relevant way

Consider these things that will help with your confidence in pitching key issues with the client:

  • Research the property comprehensively – Look for the things that will have an impact on the clients property challenge. Identify other listings, market pressures, and the levels of enquiry existing in the property type and or precinct currently.  Gather the facts that will allow you talk to the strategies of today’s market conditions.
  • Investigate the clients requirements – Every client is different and you will need to know why in each case and with each client. That level of investigation requires specific questions of the client and probing into the facts of the property, what’s in it and why there is a problem.
  • Understand the prevailing market conditions – How are the current market conditions as they apply to the property type and the location? Can you see that there are trends to be considered in the property promotion and attracting the right property enquiry?  The current levels of enquiry will impact your marketing and media choices.  Look at combinations of online and offline marketing; merge into those initiatives some factors of direct marketing where you reach out to specific segments of buyers or tenants and actually talk to them about what they are doing or requiring in property now and or into the future.
  • Have a good selection of recommendations ready? – Clients like to make choices when faced with big decisions; on that basis your property presentation and listing pitch should be structured with clear choices in mind and recommendations to suit. Give the client some choices and clear recommendations to work through.

Simple ideas like these will help you with your confidence and optimism with your clients in commercial real estate brokerage.  Over time those two communication skills will help you with listing conversions.

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