Business Planning Your Commercial Real Estate Agent Career Now

Now is the time to consider just how you can build your commercial real estate career for the year.  Every agent and salesperson should have a plan and a process that they work to every day.

A salesperson without a plan in our industry is like a car without wheels.  It will not move ahead for them.  It is just a costly mistake and eventually and the vehicle will rust and fall apart.

Career in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

If you have decided to make commercial real estate agency part of your focus and career for this and the next few years, now is the time to consider just how you are going to build your business.  You need a personal business plan to take you forward.

Here are some ideas to help you move ahead in the industry as a top agent.

  1. Determine the key issues that will make a real difference for you.  It could be more listings, or it could be more commissions. Either way you will need a good prospecting model, sales pitch, negotiation and inspection strategy, plus a great database of clients and prospects.  How you get those things will need to be part of your plan.
  2. Know your weaknesses and do something about them.  In many cases our weaknesses in business (we all have them) are actually holding us back.  You can either improve your skills to remove the weakness or employ an assistant to take care of the problem.
  3. Practice your processes so you get better results with the things that matter.  Understand what does matter to you and your business. Take action to move ahead with focus.  As a basic rule, this year should be better than the last. Constant improvement is a good rule in our industry.
  4. Work to deadlines every day so you get things done.  Take the big issues and break them down into smaller steps.   Check your progress weekly and monthly so you can adjust your plan.
  5. Get the tools and resources that you need to move ahead.  Fortunately most of the tools that we need are easy to obtain and use.  The rest of the performance equation is personally controlled.  When it’s ‘up to you’ there is only one person that will make all the difference, so take the right action every day.  Create the focus on new business, clients, and listings.
  6. Goals will need to be clear and concise for you to visualise them.  Goals are like signposts that help you move ahead.
  7. Commissions, listings, clients, and marketing should all have benchmarks and KPI’s as part of your business plan for the year.
  8. Check out the very good agents locally and look at what they do.  Learn from what they do.  Replicate the good things.

This year can be a very good year for you regardless of the market and the business that you work for or are part of.  Create your plan and take action.

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