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In commercial real estate agency, you must have a response mechanism for all of your marketing activities.  The response mechanism should be well chosen and supported by the sales team and the administrative team.

So the response mechanisms typically used are the following:

  • E-mail
  • Mobile telephone
  • Office telephone
  • Specially designed website
  • Generic agency website
  • E-mail newsletter
  • Mail
  • Special telephone number dedicated to the project

The lifeblood of an agency is in creating quality listings and attracting good enquiries.  The time that it takes for the telephone to be answered, the e-mail to be responded to, or the proposal to be created is quite important to the client and the customer experience.

You only have a short period of time to influence the client or the prospect with your professionalism.  Top agents know this, and focus on providing the best service in the timeliest way.  They respond to the requests for information in a timely and efficient way.  That is where the response mechanism is so important; it can help you stay in control even when the project is very busy with enquiries coming in.

This then says that every piece of marketing that you create should be designed to create a response.  Every response should be tracked as to inbound numbers, daily frequency, and conversion.  In this way you will understand what is working when it comes to property marketing.  This will then help you spread the message regards your quality listings to the people that want to buy and sell quality properties.

The right response mechanism

So in property marketing today it is a matter of what response mechanism is appropriate for the property listed for sale or lease.  When the listing is significant and of high quality, you should consider creating a special website for the project and the promotion.  It is simply a matter of obtaining the right domain name, creating a simple website, and channelling all of the enquiries through a specific e-mail.

Whilst this may all seem costly or too difficult, the reality is that website designs and integration into property marketing campaigns are easily achieved.  It is not a high cost factor when you consider a quality listing or large project.  You simply need the right people to help you when the needs arise.

When considering the marketing of a property, choose the response mechanism that will allow you to remain in control and provide efficient feedback and information to the enquiries coming in.  As a general rule, the response to a request for information should be made on the same day it is received.

Always track the responses you get from all types of marketing.  In this way you will know what is working for you.

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