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Career Opportunities Today in Commercial Real Estate Leasing

A career in commercial real estate leasing can be extremely rewarding; it is a base of opportunity for you to consider.  Think about that fact as a commercial agent working your location and engaging with the people in it. Why is that and what is the opportunity for you?

There are plenty of landlords and tenants out there needing assistance when it comes to solving leasing problems.  Business movement and vacancy changes happen constantly, and this year is no exception.   Situations with landlords and tenants need some resolve. You can be the person to help.

The fact of the matter is business owners need help in relocating and growing their business base from certain locations. Landlords also need assistance when it comes to finding new tenants when vacancies occur.  

Given that this is a changing property market, there are always plenty of people to talk to and work with when it comes to leasing activity and property change from a leasing perspective. Take the steps to grow and thrive as a commercial real estate leasing agent in your location using these channels of opportunity.   Talk to people continually.

Starting Your Career in Leasing

How do you start?  Speak to the people and get to know what their leasing requirements may be from a location requirement.  Gather the information about current leases and expiry dates.  You will then find the leads and the transactions you are looking for in commercial leasing. 

It is a changing market.  Focus on finding the listing stock and then talk to the local businesses.  Track all the lease changes, expirees, and expansion or contraction requirements.  That is the message.

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