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Cheat Sheet for Finding More Commercial and Retail Tenants – Brokerage Leasing Chart

Here is a confession.  I love leasing in quality buildings. A good leasing transaction can lead to more leasing, a sales opportunity, or a property management. 

Landlords love professional leasing help with their investments.  That’s a fact. The value that you and I can provide to landlords through a quality leasing process is real.

Learn from Leasing Retail

So I have spent a good deal of time leasing shopping centers and large office buildings over the years.  You can learn so much from getting involved with leasing properties.

Size of tenancy and quality of property has a lot to do with the leasing results that you get, just as it does with my results in the local property market today.   I choose what I work on in tenants, properties and landlords; you should do the same

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Know the retail leasing market.

Office and Retail Leasing – The Golden Rule

DON’T focus on the ‘small stuff’ in leasing and rentals (if you can avoid it), as the rewards are smaller and in most instances much more difficult to get ‘across the line’. 

Inexperienced tenants are harder to convert and generally have little understanding of market circumstances with rents, occupancy costs, and lease conditions. 

Negotiations are harder in the smaller ‘second grade’ vacancies.  Sure, I know you can do the odd small deal, but just don’t ‘specialize’ in it.  FOCUS on QUALITY and SIZE constantly.

The rule in leasing is that the proven businesses and established retailers, offices, or companies know what they want in occupancy and expect professional help. 

Exclusive Listings

If you have a good group of exclusively controlled listings, and a solid precinct coverage of quality vacancies, then office and retail leasing becomes very lucrative.

To help you on the road to leasing professionally, here is my leasing ‘cheat sheet’:

Commercial and retail real estate leasing chart and cheat sheet
How to find more commercial and retail tenants faster – cheat sheet





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