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Checklist for Building a Career in Commercial Real Estate Sales

To give momentum to your career in commercial real estate sales, certain things have to be done regularly and comprehensively. These are the things that require deliberate effort. Do you have what it takes to build some ‘sales habits’?

In today’s podcast, we share some ideas about sales as a career and how you can do more with that in commercial property brokerage. Look for the people that have a reason to do a real estate sales transaction. Look for their position in the local property ownership cycle. Create a cycle of constant contact.

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Every agent or broker has plenty of opportunities to rise up in the ranks of the property market when it comes to sales. The key to making it happen is ‘personal activity and planning’ with a focus on the sales ‘players’ of the industry. So who are they? Try these for starters:

  • Local investors
  • Landlords
  • Business owners
  • Owner-occupiers
  • Franchise groups

It should always be remembered that the commercial real estate industry and the property market is under change most of the time; you have to ‘read’ that market and take steps to activate the trends that you see.

As brokers and agents we should adjust to market conditions and not wait for the market to come to us. Are you ready to boost your sales career? Have a listen to this podcast.

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