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When you present or pitch for a commercial property sales listing in this market, always be clear cut in your solutions and recommendations that you provide to the client.  That being said, don’t provide your solutions too early in the presentation.  Time your approach.

As a basic strategy of listing negotiation get closer to the client’s issues and challenges first and foremost; you can do that by asking plenty of questions.  Inexperienced agents say too much too soon.  They let out all of their ideas at once rather than stage them in the client connection.  Too many ideas can create confusion for the client and doesn’t help when it comes to signing off on the agency appointment.

To close on a listing you can slow down the pace of the meeting and get closer to the clients concerns and focus.  Here are some tips to help you do that:

  1. The history of the property – Ask about what the property has been from an investment point of view over the years.  Why did the client purchase the property?  What is their reason for selling it today?  That information will likely help your marketing approaches.
  2. The best outcome – Understand what the client considers as the best outcome from their immediate sales need.  Delve into facts so you get the real facts that the client may be holding back on.
  3. Explore the market conditions – Many clients really have no idea about the prevailing market conditions particularly when it comes to time on market, prices, buyer requirements, and marketing strategies.  Take the client through the property market as you know it; have some stories to tell about other clients that have moved through similar property challenges.
  4. Show marketing best practice – The marketing of commercial property for sale can be a very special process today.  It is not just a matter of putting a price on a property and putting a few adverts in the newspaper and on the internet; you would only take that approach with generically listed ‘open’ listings.  Take the client into the advantages of directed marketing and ‘exclusive’ listings.
  5. Define your target market – When you define the target market for the property it makes it a lot easier to sell marketing packages and exclusive listings.  Have the client agree with your selection of targeted buyers and then move them through the best ways of attracting them.

Simple strategies like these will help you get a lot closer to the client and in that way position yourself for the winning of the listing presentation.

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