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Clear Cut Sales Presentation Tactics in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

While every client in commercial real estate is potentially different; you need some base tactics to use in your sales presentations particularly when it comes to attracting and converting listings.  Those core tactics will help you with the client conversation or the sales pitch; the results are then easier to switch.  You could say that this logic is all part of being a ‘professional’ in commercial real estate.  You can refine the process and strategy over time; it will help you become that ‘top agent’ for the location. (NB – you can get plenty of sales presentation tips in commercial property through our ‘Snapshot’ program right here – it’s free)


I am a great believer that the best agents can and should be ‘locally versatile’ and relevant, be that across any property conversation with a client in sales, leasing, and asset management.  The agent can then capture the lead and direct the listing opportunity from the very start of engagement and identification of opportunity.

High Quality Commercial Presentation Procedure


So, let’s look at the sales presentation and particularly that which would apply in a listing pitch.   What are some useful tactics to deploy?  Try these and add your variations to the strategy:



  1. Client engagement – you need some ‘small talk’ to make the client feel comfortable and to trust you. Get the customer to engage conversationally through directed local references, stories, and comments.  Before you go too far, find out how much time they have to talk with you.  Make sure that the client is not ‘time pressured’ and then adjust your dialogue for the time that you know you can work with.
  2. Question and answer process – start with carefully considered questions that can take you to the client’s concerns and priorities. The things that the customer says here will allow you to focus on the bigger issues and direct the listing presentation.
  3. Determine key factors in property challenge – behind everything the client tells you openly; there will be some big issues and key factors that must be resolved. They could be price, timing, or investment related.  Get to those problems and understand what the client is thinking, saying and ‘not saying’.  There can be some hidden issues to get clarified and to ‘flag’.
  4. Clarify and restate – when you think you know what the client is focusing on, clarify and reiterate the factors so they can see and feel that you understand their concerns.
  5. Offer local area property information – show them that you have been successfully involved with similar local challenges before. Give the client some idea of how problems were easily resolved in other transactions of a similar type.
  6. Provide listing alternatives – there are several ways to list a property. Some are better and more relevant than others.  Make a shortlist of options and give reasons behind the best solutions.  Clients like to make choices; they like to feel that they are not pressured into making a decision but are in control.
  7. Tell locally based stories – without any doubt, locally based property stories will help with your presentation. If you have some stories from previous client and customer property situations, use that information (respecting privacy matters) in stories that show you have the skills and the strategies to take things forward.
  8. Make clear recommendations – always say, show, and do the things make your core property suggestions stand out. Clarity, comparisons, and information will help do that.  Show examples of timelines, marketing alternatives, and negotiation strategies that you believe can help the client with their property challenge.
  9. Seek commitment to exclusivity – to finish everything off, ask for the listing and do so on an exclusive basis. If you have comprehensively covered off on the client’s concerns and have shown them the best property solutions to their challenge, then you should win the listing.


Tactics are important in all sales presentations in commercial real estate.  Know your preferred base strategy that you can use with any client and their property at short notice.


Freely give the customer your ideas in clear and direct ways.  Show them that this process is not and ‘experiment’ in marketing, but a defined and straightforward approach to current market conditions and the client’s requirement.  Make things easy.  Help them see that you are the important part of their property solution.

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