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To win listings in commercial real estate as an agent, your communication skills should be honed as part of your professional development plan. Top Agents contact their clients comprehensively and completely.

Real estate marketing is not an experiment, and top clients want to use the best agents for a property type or location. Those are the agents that know what they are doing and are professional. Get through to more clients with your real estate message.

Top Agents are those agents with confidence, systems, and controls of the market. The constant ‘thread’ that binds it all together is confidential and complete client communication.

Dominate Your Market

So, if you want to be a top agent in your market, with a dominant share of the listings, enquiry, and results, then have a good look at your communication skills and consider how you can improve them.

Knowledge will also help the process, so watch what is happening in the local property market and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Agent Skills and Choices

Many agents will say that they are good at the ‘business skill’ of communication; however, the reality is that most agents are ‘ordinary’ at best.

What are the agent ‘averages’? They know what to say and do. However, they do not take matters to a high professional level. They fail to improve.

Let’s say that results and listings are essential to you as an agent this year. Here are some strategies to develop to help take your real estate business forward positively.

real estate team meeting
Real estate teams create client focus.

Real Estate Words and Voice

At the top of the list will always be your ability to converse and connect. That involves what you say and how you say it. Negotiators and top agents in commercial real estate are experts in both skills.

Achieve that ‘expert’ status yourself; it can come about through practice, which will be through reading aloud, choosing better words, and improving your conversational approach.

Commercial real estate negotiation skills feed into everything we do, from presenting ideas listing, and engaging with people. The people we connect with are generally property owners, investors, buyers, sellers, tenants, and or landlords. They are our clients.

All have unique levels of skill and awareness in business, and they will use that on your real estate ideas and conversations. Even more, a reason to focus on your words and your voice.

real estate team in meeting

Visual Presentation

When you negotiate in commercial real estate, ensure that you have a professional presentation matching your words and the directions of any conversation.

Confidence in our ‘game of real estate’ comes from the tools you use and the information and experience that you have available. Confidence also comes from your awareness of the property market and the types of properties you work with.

You can always practice your real estate approach or presentation; that can be the ‘shorter path’ to converting a listing or client.

prospecting chart real estate
New Business Chart

Frequency and Relevance of Contact

Almost every client, property investor or owner will tell you that many real estate agents always contact them.

While most agents will use email in abundance as a prospecting or marketing tool, only personal conversation and physical meetings are the ‘A-class’ approach to winning business.

Email canvassing in real estate is a ‘C-class’ marketing tool. It will never be better than that.

The clients and property owners who want to use an agent will, in the majority, choose an agent they know have met or talked to frequently. That is where the ‘A-class’ approaches to marketing become important. The ‘A-class’ contact approach involves conversations.

Looking for Agent Results?

So, these three real estate strategies are high on the agenda for converting real estate business into selling, leasing, or property management.

If you are an agent looking to get better results this year, take the time to improve these issues. Ultimately you want to stand out as the professional agent that knows the market and that people remember and respect. That can be your business strategy for the coming twelve months.

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Learn these top agent skills to improve your real estate career.

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