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In commercial real estate agency it pays for every salesperson or agent to take a long term view on establishing and tracking new client relationships.  In many respects the cycle of selling and leasing with a client can be many months if not years.

The relationship that you establish as an agent with a client has to be there and remain active for the duration of the property cycle.  When the client is ready to take action you will then be well positioned to take on the clients property challenge.

So what is the message here?  You must do all of the following as part of your prospecting and client contact model:

  • Find the right clients and prospects
  • Know what they will need from you over the years
  • Track the clients property challenges
  • Maintain regular and relevant contact in a personal way
  • Help the client trust you as a top agent with a dominant market share in the particular property type.

The best way to do all of those things is to establish a prospecting and networking model that forms part of your daily business activities.  You can always see a big difference between those agents that are working to a prospecting and networking system and those that are not.

Here are some topics that can be integrated into your client contact model:

  1. Market updates – most clients do not know much about the property market relevant to their property type.  If you are a true specialist in a property type then you can offer some very relevant information in both sales and leasing.
  2. Listings on the market – from time to time you can give your clients an assessment of those listings locally that have sold or leased and those that have not.
  3. Price trends and rental trends – these can be tracked relative to the seasonal sales and leasing conditions during the year.  Look for the changes and lead times to holiday breaks where property investors and business leaders are not taking property action.
  4. Supply and demand – in the local area you will find new property development applications and properties that are coming into the market.  Keep your clients briefed on this activity as it will impact prices and rents.  Also watch out for redevelopments and renovation factors that could reposition a property locally with a different share of the market.
  5. Best methods of marketing in sales and leasing – during the year these factors will change.  They will also have an impact on your listings, conversions, and property promotions.
  6. Upcoming properties – let your clients and prospects know about the new listings coming into the market as early as possible.

You now have some solid reasons to keep in contact with your clients and prospects.  Establish a good contact system, simplify it, and keep it moving ahead.  That’s how you create better market share as a top agent.

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