Client Creation Ideas for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Over a coffee recently I asked an agent friend why a property owner should use them for selling or leasing a property.  The question was important because that agent was about to embark on a new business start in a new real estate area.

I wanted to know why the agent felt they would stand out as the right solution in marketing a property and helping a client.  I also wanted to know why the agent felt that they could win the new business locally.

The comment I got back from the agent went something like this:

‘I have been an agent for a long time and I will work really hard for my clients locally.  I will get the results that they need and my clients can trust me to do exactly that’.

The reality of the situation was that the agent had very few clients in the new local area and the property precinct was new to them in every way possible.  I could see a few ‘storms on the horizon’ for the agent.  The area he was moving into was very competitive and active; it was a prime zone of quality property.  He would need a plan and a specific marketing approach to show his importance to new clients.

In looking back at the statement that my agent friend made over coffee, and taking the perspective of a client, nothing that was said was of any enticement for me to use his services.  Sure he knew the ‘general issues’ of commercial real estate today.  But he did need to know a lot more.

Unfortunately so many agents ‘spout off’ in the same generic way.  There was no relevance or importance for that agent to ‘stand out’.

How would you answer my question?  Can you give me some real ‘meaning’ that is of use and relevant to selling or leasing a property?

Be Very Special

To be special in this property market, tangible values and strategies are very important; generic statements do nothing to excite the clients that we work with.  Just about every other local agent around your area will say that they are:

  • Hard working
  • Knowledgeable
  • Trust worthy
  • Committed
  • Results oriented
  • Understand the market
  • Have done the deals
  • Working for the client, etc

Top agents are operating well above this generic ‘fluff’.  You can and should do so as well.  Develop a ‘specific brand’ and image as a top performing agent locally.  Show the clients of the market why that is so, and build your strengths as an agent to help them see that.

If you believe you are ‘results oriented’ for a particular client, show them how that is so.   The same is the case for ‘understanding the market’.  Drill down into your professional claims and show the client why that is so.  Relevance is the key to winning new listing business.

To win new clients and new listings you have to prove relevant things and provide specific marketing recommendations that are solid and strategic.  That means taking the property, understanding it, matching it to the client’s needs, and then providing a specific approach to finding the right buyer or tenant as the case may be in the prevailing market conditions.

Important Rules

Here are some important rules to helping you find and work with more high quality clients today:

  1. You need clients and customers before anything else in the market today.  They will lead you to listings and enquiries.  That then allows you to get traction in the property market.  Put together a ‘client creation program’ as part of your prospecting model.  Relevance and specialisation will help you connect with top clients.
  2. Understand the right types of customers that you should be working for and where you will find them.  Some research of the local area will help you connect with them.  Check out all the quality properties and businesses to find these people.
  3. Develop the right customer relationships over time.  That will involve relevant contact, high quality market information, and face to face meetings.  A good agent will know several hundred people at a personal level and be able to ring them at any time about property matters and opportunities.  Your database will be crucial to making that process work.  Work your business day around your database.

The ideas here are valuable in helping you build your client base and database with high quality property people.  Be ‘specific’ and not ‘generic’ as an agent of choice, skill and purpose in real estate today.

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