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Here are some resources below for you to download and use in commercial real estate brokerage.

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Provide More Value in Real Estate Today

Various approaches are available in marketing commercial real estate today, so let’s get back to the core basics. The property might be listed ‘exclusively’ or ‘openly.’ A marketing program will be structured around that. We can help you with ideas to achieve that momentum. Our resources also can help you.

Quality properties should always be marketed exclusively and comprehensively to a location or target audience.  That is the job of a top agent.  That is a strategy that you can apply to your clients and listings.

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Setting your path to brokerage success.

Be More Relevant

It would help if you had relevancy and market share to convert most customers on a listing, earn an ‘exclusive’ listing, and control your inventory. Our industry’s competitive nature means that ‘the best of the best’ agents consistently do very well in listings and commissions.

Shift your strategy to move ahead in your location with more listing opportunities.  Don’t be ordinary.  Ordinary agents can struggle to increase their business share.

So if you’re working now in commercial real estate today, consider how you can give those you serve more or higher value in the sale or lease of their property.  Consider how you can stand out as the agent of choice.

Here are some more resources you can use right now: