Cold Call Reluctance Solved Permanently

In commercial real estate brokerage and telephone prospecting, it is easy to get ‘swamped’ and diverted from the key task of making calls. Most people in real estate will avoid the task of call prospecting if there are some other things that can be done. That simple decision remains one of the biggest mistakes for those agents. Don’t let yourself fall into that ‘trap’.

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Telephone Call Prospecting Leverage

The telephone is the most important tool to reach out to others in the local area and in target markets of people owning property. Today, in these slides, I want to share the most important ideas to help you get the call avoidance or reluctance problem out of the way.

Use these ideas to boost your methods of marketing directly into the local area where you can get plenty of investors and property owners looking to sell or lease.

What is the message here? Control your listing stock and get plenty of listings into your inventory by using the telephone comprehensively each day.

We can help you here. Download the slide deck and use the slides to remind you of the importance of making more calls into your target markets.

You can solve this call contact challenge forever using these ideas and strategies. It is a personal process of using the telephone.

Make the calls and ensure that the strategy is in your diary each day. From doing that, you can improve your market share faster and more effectively. It is a system to be developed for all time by any real estate broker or agent.

Slide Deck for Cold Calling Results

Use the ideas in this slide deck below to improve your call contact systems in commercial real estate.

call canvassing slides for commercial real estate agents
Here are ways to solve call reluctance problems in commercial real estate.

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