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Cold Calling Formula by Numbers for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Cold calls are the easiest and best way to build your real estate business.  Commercial property owners, investors, and business leaders should be called every day.  If you are not doing that, then you are ‘leaving money on the table’.

The property market is always under change, and as agents, we should be changing with that. The best agents know the importance of that process and adjust accordingly through the year.

Your telephone is the tool of progressing your real estate business. Build your database and contact systems around that. Read the report below to help you on the path.

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Build your contact cycles and skills in commercial real estate.

Telephone Prospecting Report

Our industry and the momentum that you want from it is based largely on the involvement you create with people.  Luck has nothing to do with the outcomes that you seek as a broker or agent. 

The best business that you can create will be from the people that you know and the people that know you as a professional expert; they have to trust you and remember you at the right time.

Expert Status

Expert status comes through personal and relevant contact over time.  When you put the telephone and a cold calling system into that contact process you have the basic factors of business growth. 

In this special report, John Highman talks about the Cold Calling System that works in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.

expert formula for making cold calls a part of your real estate business
Special report on cold calling and client contact systems in commercial real estate brokerage.

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