The Secrets of Successful Cold Calling - A Tele-prospecting Toolbox for Winning New Business

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How to Grow Your Commercial Real Estate Business Using the Telephone

The Commercial Property Market is highly competitive in most towns or cities.  New systems of contact are needed to find fresh clients and listings before they become 'common knowledge' in the market.   The telephone is the most effective prospecting tool for new business leads and client contact.

In this special 'Cold Calling' program for brokers and agents around the World, John Highman shares his strategies, call scripts, and systems to help you build a better real estate business with more clients, prospects, and listings.

Take charge of your real estate business today and its potential growth with a focus on talking to more local people using the telephone professionally as a business generation tool.

You will get:

  • Instructional workbook (77 pages) to review your call prospecting system
  • Comprehensive audio files (261 minutes) integrated to the workbook to listen to
  • Several call scripts for tele-prospecting business owners, investors, and landlords
  • A call script for approaching and contacting 'gatekeepers'
  • A list of 'typical' bounces that you get and the responses that you can use
  • 3 Spreadsheets to track targets and result
  • 25 Bonus PDF brokerage reports
  • 10 Bonus Audio recordings on broker and agent strategies

Cold Calling eBook and Audio for Brokers and Agents

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Gregg S – Arizona, USA.

Everything that you have provided and do provide on a daily basis including your courses are given an A++++ by me. It is so much appreciated. By the way I replied to your e-mail looking for my thoughts on your programs. It’s an A+ all the way! Have a good day on your side of the world.

– R.R., New York. USA

I really appreciate your service and find it very useful. Over the past few years I have been involved in commercial brokerage and property management and have focused at different times on different topics. No matter what the focus I find the content to be fresh and relevant and helpful, with several nuggets I have put to use. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.