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In commercial real estate agency and brokerage, you must think and act like a ‘winner’.  In only this way can you take all the right actions to help you build a better client base and market share.  Top agents do just that.   How can you?

So this sounds obvious, and yet it is so hard to achieve!  Why is that so?  The problem stems from the ‘comfort zone’; we all have one and it is centred on the habits and experiences that we have created for ourselves over the years.  It is a protective thing that brings us back to the ‘safety zone’ where we know things are ‘acceptable’ and achievable. Breaking those habits and setting new ones is quite difficult for most people; all the good intentions in the world will still be frustrated by the ‘comfort zone’.

Have you ever seen these ‘comfort zone’ problems like these below?

  • We don’t want to make cold calls because we know they do not work.
  • We will not door knock the local businesses because we expect that we will not get any leads from the process.
  • We will not make a call to a new person because the answer will be ‘No not today thanks’.
  • We don’t want to talk to particular people because we think it is a waste of time.
  • We will not connect with a person because we think we know that the result will be negative.
  • We know that the person is dealing with another agent so we will not make the direct approach ourselves.
  • We will go home early today and start again afresh with more calls tomorrow.

What can you do to solve the problems?  The first step in the ‘success road’ is to understand that the ‘comfort zone’ exists and from that point you can deal with it.  What do you think a top agent would do in these circumstances?  Would they take action and break through the barriers?  Yes, they certainly would.

Avoid the convenient and comfortable responses that ‘generic’ sales performers take.  Be prepared to take direct action under pressure or when things seem unclear or uncertain.  Take the steps forward to get more detail and meet more people.  That is where you will find the opportunity waiting for you.

Look for the opportunity in the market and make the connections.  Take a step forward and introduce yourself as an industry specialist; be confident in the process of marketing and promotion.

In any commercial real estate market there are plenty of leads to be chased in sales, leasing, and property management.  Meet the people and ask the questions.  Take action to your plan every day.

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