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Commercial Investment Sales Made Easy

In commercial real estate agency, the investment sales part of the market is quite special and can offer you some great opportunities over time. It is the place where you will find the investors and their requirements for property performance and portfolio growth. Does that sound interesting? In this podcast, we share some ideas to help you tap into that side of our business.

Think about it. If this is the market segment for you, then it is wise to consider how you can build your personal profile with the right people and they are property owners, investors, developers, and business owners. Get to know these people so you can ‘mix and match’ when properties or situations start to take shape. Start your contact systems.

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So how can you get into this active market segment and tap into the listings? Identify the right people that matter in local investment and property activity. Get to know them, and then connect with them in direct and professional ways.

VIP Contacts

Set up VIP segments in your database so you can build a brand and an image with these people over time. Conversations lead to meetings, and meetings can lead to transactions.

Are you ready for some new business? What can you do in connecting with those people? Local property information will usually attract their interest. Relevancy and up to date information is important as you connect with more people in the location and across your property types. Here is the podcast to help you with that.

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