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In commercial real estate sales and leasing today, it is ever so common to hear an agent or a salesperson criticise the competition in the presence of the client. 

There are ways of dealing with the competition agents, but criticism is not the right solution. Focus on your own performance and improving your own communications; not that of others.

Whilst you may not like some of the competition agents in your local area, the criticism in the presence of the client is ill-advised.

Having real estate competition around you is not a bad thing, and your respect for your competitors will be professionally sensible. It is that professionalism that the client needs to see as part of your presentation, communications, and connection with them.

Real Estate Competitor Comments

When an agent criticises another fellow competitor, the following situation typically evolves with the client:

  • They can see that you are not as professional as you should be
  • Gossip doesn’t win the clients respect
  • They see your negative attitude shine through and view it as a weakness
  • They start to assess your actions and presentations more critically

The best agents and the top agents in your area are not concerned with the competition; they focus on themselves. They are only concerned about the personal brand they present to the marketplace and the clients that they work with. 

business man on success graph for commercial real estate agents
Setting new commercial real estate opportunities today.

A professional attitude is part of that image strategy with all prospects and clients. When top agents are in the presence of clients, personal image and credibility matters.

If the client comments about any of your competitors, it is better to take the approach of acknowledgement and respect. Sure, you have to deal with the competition, but do it the right way. Your professionalism is at stake and the client is assessing your ability as a real estate agent to handle your listing presentation and sales pitch

Expect to be Tested in Brokerage

They will test you. If you criticise the opposition or competition, you are more likely to lose face, and then the listing.

To build credibility in your sales presentation it can be very productive to refer to the other agents locally. Do so in a positive way and then highlight your different approach to the marketing and negotiating of commercial property currently. Show your client how your marketing efforts are unique can be much more successful in this current prevailing economy. Relevance and knowledge in the marketplace are the keys to the process. Show your differences and highlight the advantages to the client.

The clients and customers that we work with when selling and leasing commercial property want to appoint agents that are professionally positive and successful in their marketing. 

Criticising other agents only produces a negative image in the client’s mind. The best agents don’t criticise the competition agents. They build their own real estate brand. They don’t need to worry about other agents.

If you are as good as you claim to be, the other agents will be of no consequence to your services and client interaction. Build your sales presentation and listing pitch on the back of consistent professionalism and let the client see that.

market analysis chart for commercial real estate agents
Build your real estate business matrix.

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