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In commercial real estate today, you can boost your listing chances if you focus your sales pitch and presentation in the right way.  Practice will help greatly, but the content of your sales pitch needs to include the right information and the best facts that will help impress the client. (NB – you can get plenty of listing tips in our Snapshot program right here – its free)

It is no secret that most listing presentations are competitive, with a number of agents chasing the same listing stock.  You can of course improve your listing conversions by establishing relationships with prospects and clients over time.  That should be happening as part of your prospecting model already.

Here are some ideas to add to your listing presentation that will help attract the interests of the client and potentially raise your chances of capturing the listing.

  1. As a prerequisite to the listing presentation, you should inspect the property with the client.  As part of that process, you can get to know them, their intentions, and their challenges.  It is likely that the client has some preconceived expectations of where the sale or the lease will head.  They may not however understand the local property market, the levels of enquiry, and the best solutions to promote the property.  That is why a listing presentation should be secondary to the initial inspection on site with the client.  Use this process to get to know the client and the property.
  2. Take plenty of photographs in and around the property.  In saying that, I mean 30 or 40 photographs both inside and outside of the property itself.  Those photographs can be used as part of a ‘rolling slide show’ on an iPad tablet, or a computer screen when you do your presentation.  This strategy is far more relevant and successful than using traditional PowerPoint slides.  A client is always interested in their property, and the photographs do that very well.
  3. The inspection of the property should have highlighted a series of features that you can merge into the marketing campaign.  You should also have determined the target market that will suit the marketing process.  It is therefore very easy to create a series of marketing solutions and marketing examples as part of and to be used in the sales pitch.  When the client sees that you have taken the property promotional process that step further, you become more attractive than those other agents chasing the same listing.
  4. In the earlier meeting with the client on site, you should have identified two or three issues that were of concern to them in taking the property to the market today.  You should provide specific answers to those concerns and merge them with the relative graphs and photographs into your formal property proposal.  The visual process works well.  Develop a question and answer process over two or three pages of your proposal to do this, and put it to the front of the document.  Addressing the clients concerns early in the sales pitch process will help put them at ease when it comes to making a decision on agent.

In addition to the above, you can practice your presentation strategy on a regular basis.  Over time that will help you strengthen your system and communication process; that can help you convert more listings.

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