Commercial Property Agents – Keys to Role Play Your Listing Presentation

In commercial real estate agency today, your listing presentation is the only time for you to ‘strut your stuff’ and show your prospects just how good you really are as a relevant and top property agent.

You should role play your presentation strategy at least once a week.  The sales team meeting is a great place to do that.  One thing is certain, as the year progresses, the problems and challenges in the property market will change.  The only thing you can control is the consistency and quality of your listing presentation.


Commercial Presentations Course
Commercial Presentations Course


Why Are Your Presentations Different?

Consider these questions:

  • Is your listing presentation better than the other agents locally?  If so why is that so, and how can it be improved even further?
  • Why are you relevant as a local top agent and how do you send that message in your presentation?
  • What is your conversion ratio on presentations to listings?  Are you better than 60%?  Top agents are over 70% in their conversion factors to new business listings.
  • What can you say and do in the listing presentations that will help you improve your branding, knowledge, and relevance for your prospects?

They are simple questions but they are so important.  The clients that we serve will always choose the best agent that really knows how to solve their property problem quickly and effectively.  The clients will choose the agent that is confident and connecting, and that sends the right message.

Given that the property market will change frequently, you must adjust your listing pitch and presentation to the variations of client requirements and the existing property market conditions.  Your fellow sales team members will have an array of client and listing experiences in a given week; they are valuable.  You can all share these challenges and discuss the best ways to solve them.  Role-playing the variations of responses to market conditions and listing presentations will help you greatly.


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Your Perfect Listing Presentation

Here are some tips to help your listing presentation in today’s property market:

  1. Build a solid base of market information that you can draw on when presenting.  Facts and figures cannot be refuted.  This detail will give you more confidence and relevance in conversation.
  2. Some words and phrases are more connecting than others when it comes to selling your commercial real estate ideas and services to clients.  Get a good book of these words and phrases and practice how they can be used as part of your presentation.
  3. A good listing presentation is a two-way conversation and a connection with the client.  Have some tools and systems to get the client involved in what you are saying and doing.
  4. Tell some stories about the local property market.  The prospective client likes to know that they are ‘not alone’ when it comes to their property challenges today.
  5. Show the client a clear and definite way to solve their property problem.  Do not be generic in what you say.  Be specific and show them a timeline and strategy to move forward.
  6. Comparable properties will help the client see what they are competing against.  Get to know those other comparable properties and decide how you can compete against them.  Develop some solutions to shorten your listing time on the market.  Tell the client about those solutions and give them some choices.
  7. Use images of the current property to strengthen the conversation.  Nothing is more connecting than a rolling slide show of images of the property to be listed.  The client will connect with their property, so take plenty of photos and property images to use on your laptop.

Given all of these great ideas, you can see that practice is required.  Role-playing your presentations and listing strategies at least once a week with your other team members.

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Thank you Okon, it is a privilege to work with so many good commercial real estate agents. My best to you. Regards, John Highman

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