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When you are looking for new listings and or clients, it is critical that you have a few good systems that you work to consistently every day. Systems help you stay on track and let you find the new business faster. Systems reduce the ‘error’ factor.

It is a fact that most agents get ‘overwhelmed’ with all the facts from the property market and fail to ‘drill-down’ into the better properties and clients. The ‘random’ approach in brokerage doesn’t work. I go back to the point that ‘systems’ are critical in brokerage. Let’s help with that.

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This is a template below to help you gather property facts as part of targeting and researching the right locations and people in your territory. This is what you can do with the template:

Canvassing Template

How do you use it?

  1. As a simple form, you print off four or five copies a day before you leave the office.  
  2. Take them out into your ‘territory’ and choose 5 target buildings.
  3. Write down the ‘basics’ on each form for the 5 target buildings you see as ‘preferred properties’ or future listings.  Make your notes (critical).
  4. Take some external property photos on your mobile phone as well and whilst on site. Sync the photos to the ‘cloud’ for later access and use.
  5. Go back to the office and start your property ownership research from the forms as well as matching the photos to these property sheets.
  6. When you have ‘cracked’ the ownership contact information, make the direct call or create the meeting.  
  7. Start a property file from the form.  File notes are added as you go.
  8. Note it takes time to get the research done, that’s why the forms work and will keep you organised. There are no shortcuts.
  9. Bundle your photos by suburb, building, name, in the ‘cloud’ for convenient access at any time.

So that’s how you start your property research AND stay organised.  Are you ready for the challenge? Here is the canvassing form for commercial real estate agents and brokers:

commercial property canvassing template
Brokerage canvassing template by John Highman for download.

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