Commercial Property Information Form for Property Managers

When you inspect a commercial property (office, industrial, or retail), there are a few things to consider, investigate, and gather facts from. That would typically be information from tenants, landlords, leases, and location. There are many people to talk to and get information from.

The best way to approach commercial real estate information and gathering property facts will be by using a template or checklist. Think about all the variations of lease occupancy, the focus of the landlord, and tenant business operations.

Information Matters in Real Estate Management and Leasing

This is the first form in a series we are sending out to our friends online. You can get the full series of forms here by joining up below.

Property managers and leasing executives will know how critical it is to get all the facts about a tenancy, a property, and a landlord. Today I have given you this first form in the commercial real estate template series. I have found the form or template handy for property managers and leasing managers. It is a PDF download and you can get it below.

commercial real estate information form by John Highman
Get this commercial real estate information form for commercial property management and leasing.

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