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When you look into the local property market and particularly at the commercial and retail buildings in your territory, you will see plenty of leasing opportunities and thereby landlords and investors to work with.

In helping those special clients and their leasing needs today, there are many opportunities to be seized when it comes to future property sales and current property management activities. One transaction leads to another over time, and that is why the specialised leasing processes we provide can be so valuable to the growth of a broker or agent and their career.

In this audio program, John Highman talks about the reporting alternatives when it comes to landlords and investors. Learn how to present and pitch your leasing services comprehensively and directly to the right people.

You can download the audio program and listen to the specialist ideas relating to this valuable and lucrative part of our industry.

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When you work with commercial property landlords, there are special leasing services that can be offered. John Highman talks about how to report and serve investors and landlords with tenant services. Commercial real estate training

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