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Commercial Real Estate Agency Performance – Tips for Agents Looking to Succeed

In commercial real estate, you see so many agents that really have no idea about creating a good working environment where they can get consistently positive results. 

The reality of working productively in the industry is that everything that we do on a daily basis is going to impact us one way or another; good or bad.   Distractions have to be removed.   Also, think about your focus on getting results.

The boss, the office, the market, and the clients all rank second in line when it comes to the ‘results’ index.

We are the single most important reason for our success in our time in the industry. If you want better commissions and listings, then it is all up to you; nothing else will get you there.

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Commit to Momentum and Action

Even in the slowest and toughest of property markets, you can find good listings and do the required sales and leasing deals; sure the pressure and choices are different, but a slow property market is a reason for us to work smarter and with the correct focus. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have enough market share in quality listings? Is it equal to or better than the competition agents that exist in your market?
  • What are you known for personally in the property market and is that a deliberate part of your brand?
  • Are you working your database fully for attracting listings and deals? If so how?
  • Is your database accurate and growing consistently? Would you have over 300 high-quality prospects in your database today and do those people know you personally?
  • Do you get good referral business leads coming back to you? Asking for referrals can only occur when you have done a great job in marketing and closing on a deal.
  • Are you converting more listings from your sales presentations than your competitors?
  • Do you list exclusively to control your stock?
  • What is your established time on market? Is it better than the competition?

Get Your Market Share This Way

If you want to build a good market share or business in commercial property then it is essential that you get control of your working environment and shape it to the outcomes that you require.

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Here are some tips to set up a working environment that will build your focus and allow you to work more efficiently as a commercial property agent

  • Create prospecting time every day. You will need about 3 hours and the morning is best for that activity.
  • Only look at your emails 2 times per day so you are not wasting too much time on issues that do not matter.
  • Get out of the office in the afternoon to work through your territory and inspect properties
  • Call people new people or old contacts in your database on a daily basis
  • Take notes on all important issues so you can act later
  • Make it harder for others to ask for your time when it is of no benefit to you
  • Plan tomorrow’s activities the night before. In this way, you will be setting some benchmarks to work to.

Your business progress in commercial real estate is largely driven by your processes and actions. To do that in a positive way you will need to keep people away from destroying your work ethic and actions. Protect your time and focus at all costs.

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