Commercial Real Estate Agent Career – Start Strong from the Start

In commercial real estate agency, you need to take off strong and with focus.  It doesn’t matter if it is the beginning of the week, the year, or your career; the fact of the matter is that you need to take off strong with your marketing efforts and client contact.

Commercial real estate is an industry that is built on relationships; key relationships with clients and prospects will help you with your market share.  If you are struggling with listings or getting deals together, have a look at the relationships that you have established with the right people in the market.

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So let’s look at just how you can ‘take off strong’, and that is no matter whether it is the start of your career or a new week for you.

These career rules really help you get going.  In fact, I wish someone would have shared these with me at the start of my carer in commercial real estate some years ago.

  1. Understand that the market will not come to you. Sometimes you will get lucky, but most of the time you have to find the business yourself.  Working for the right commercial agency has a bit to do with building the confidence of the client, but the real business is driven from the efforts that you take.  Connect with people.
  2. In many respects, you will have to contact a prospect or client a number of times before they will let you have a meeting.  On average you will need to talk to the same person 3 or 4 times before they will let you have the meeting and introduce yourself further.  Consistency and persistence are important in the process.  There is a difference between being annoying versus relevant when it comes to contacting your people.  Have something to say that is interesting and localised.  In this way, people will at least let you talk for a short time.
  3. Your time is the most important resource at your disposal.  Manage your time and protect it at every opportunity.  Don’t let people call for meetings with you, and take up your time unless there is a real and relevant reason to do so.  Only give your time to the people that really matter.
  4. When a salesperson in commercial real estate has a system of contact and a system of business, they get better results.  You should establish your systems so that each day allows you to improve on the actions of yesterday.

Expect to do well in the industry, but also expect to work hard.  Rewards come to those that put in the effort and stick to a plan.  Are you ready for the year ahead in commercial real estate sales and leasing?

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