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When you work in commercial real estate sales and leasing, you will be presenting and pitching for business just about every day in some way or form. It pays for you to develop a presentational system that focuses you completely on the client and their property. In this way, you can convert more business and keep your competitors away from your market share.


Get Some Presentation Alignment

I like to think of it as a ‘jet-powered’ process. Your presentation or sales pitch can have all the elements of a ‘plane on a runway’.

Here are some good words that come to mind.

  • Planning
  • Power
  • Direction
  • Implementation
  • Commitment

What would happen if you were in a plane on the runway and the thrust of the engines started?  Soon you are powering down the tarmac and preparing to lift into the sky. Suddenly the pilot decides that they want to shut down the engines. The whole thing could be a complete disaster. You are the ‘pilot’ to take the clients property into the sky and out into the World. The pilot knows where they are heading; they have the plans and the fuel on board to make it happen.

In commercial real estate, you are in the ‘pilot’ seat. You are in charge of the ‘journey’.

Some agents and salespeople start the marketing and sales presentation well, but they do not finish well. They do not create the ‘journey’ for the client; the client cannot see where they are going and they are at the mercy of the pilot.

Does your presentational process have all of the elements listed above? Will the client clearly see where the journey will take them? Do they want to travel with you?


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Solution Based Presentations

Top presentations are built on facts and solutions.

When it comes to commercial property sales and leasing this is quite easy if you know your market well and you can talk to the strategies that are really relevant to solving problems for the client. Here are some ideas to help you with your pitch or presentation:

  1. Engage the client from the start with good questions and relevant comments. Seek to understand them before you talk about your solutions. The client will always talk about their property or requirement if you give them a chance to do so. In their responses, you will get some ideas of pressure and requirements that they see as important.  That then can align you to the property and the client more closely.
  2. Talk about the property as you see it and explain your observations in a positive way. Use a rolling photo slideshow of the property on a laptop to engage the client in their property. This is a great tool of connection.
  3. Tie the subject property to the local market by explaining the current levels of enquiry and where the competing properties are located.

Give unique solutions that are special to the property and how it can be taken to the market. Do not use the same ‘general facts’ that most agents use in talking about marketing campaigns and advertising. Go deeper and be relevant.