Here we are in commercial real estate for 2014.  We have just started the podcast again for all our online real estate agent friends from all over the World.

This year we are to be putting out an average of 2 audio podcasts per week, and in  doing so cover the diversity of sales, leasing, and property management.  I will also be delving into that special segment of our industry known as ‘retail shopping centers’.   So it will be an interesting year.

This is the first audio for this year and you also can get previous audio programs at the same link.

In this broadcast today we are covering some important topics of:

  1. How to brainstorm quality questions to use with your real estate clients
  2. How to develop some real ‘sales grit’ in the industry
  3. How to set some systems in place to help you be successful in commercial real estate brokerage.

You can download the audio program right here in MP3 format.