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Commercial Real Estate Agents – Develop True Sales Grit

A simple phrase like ‘true sales grit’ is so relevant in commercial real estate brokerage.  It separates the top agents from everyone else.  It is that focus on doing things under pressure and yet still getting them done.

So what facts can be improved by developing ‘true sales grit’?  Think about these:

  1. Listing presentations – When you need to pitch and present your services to potentially list a quality property, take the time to completely research the ownership records, the history of the property, the competition, the building location and improvement information, and the tenant mix.  Show the client that you really know the facts before you ask for the listing.  Do your listing presentation on comprehensive information that is impeccably researched.
  2. Comparisons – There will always be other properties on the market that compete with your fresh new listing.  Show your client how you will make their property stand out and why you believe you can do that.  Your solution should be better than all other agents with a generic approach to marketing.  Put your personal approach into every property listing pitch and in exchange for that involvement, ask for an exclusive listing for a lengthy period of time.
  3. Database – Use your database as a major point of difference in your services.  It is very hard for a client to ignore a database that is comprehensive and up to date.  If you make your database strategy one that is supported by your personal approach, you will know the right people to talk to with every new and quality listing coming into your agency.  If you can say to a client that you already have a list of qualified buyers to show the property to when listed, they will find it harder to choose another agent to list with.  Be specific about how you pitch and sell your services around your database.
  4. Marketing – Today there are many marketing alternatives in taking any quality property to the buyers that are out there.  Some of those marketing alternatives will be more successful than others and you should know the best promotional strategies based on evidence from other campaigns and incoming enquiry.  This then says that you can pitch your listing approach and marketing package based on the results that you are seeing today from other listings.  Develop specific marketing solutions that are very special to you and your brokerage.  Put yourself in the marketing solution so the client can see exactly what you are going to do and when.  Provide a Gantt chart to help the client see the marketing approach and the timing of major promotional elements.  Put some very special marketing solutions into that chart.

So the ‘true sales grit’ factor in our commercial real estate industry is largely built on an agent being professional, specific and of high value to clients.  When the market is tough or changing, the top agents of the market work harder because they can see what is changing and how they can get their ‘slice’ of the action.

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