Commercial Real Estate Agents – Goal and Action Consistency Builds Leverage

In commercial real estate agency today, getting results on a personal basis is a big part of the business.  Consistency is a really important thing if you want more commissions and listings as an agent.  You must reduce the dips and troughs from your market.  On that basis you need a plan to get things under control.  You need some clear goals to strive towards.

The agents that struggle in the industry are those that have no plan to apply in helping them to build market share and deals.  The actions that they then take are at best based on luck; in this industry ‘luck’ does not work in the long run.

Here are some ideas to help you consolidate your market and your opportunities:

  1. You are the only person that can ‘invent’ the future.  The future for you as an agent will improve when you see what you must do and you take action towards that.  In other words you really need a plan of attack.  You can ‘invent’ your future at any time and in any market.
  2. When you start taking consistent action towards your personal marketing plan you can sense the things that are working for you and you can do more of those things.   You may be an agent that focuses on sales, leasing or property management; perhaps you can do all three things at a high standard.  Understand what you are good at and pitch yourself around your skills.  Build those skills and make them deeper in specialisation.  Top agents are very skilled people.
  3. Expect your progress in the property industry to be a challenge to everything else that you have ever done or perhaps know.  Rarely will progress and growth of market share be a ‘walk in the park’.  Consistent action on some challenging issues will help you develop better habits, and in our industry habits are really important.
  4. Understand what you want to do as an agent and make sure that there are plenty of business opportunities coming up in the market in that segment.  There is no point in specialising in something if it has limited application.  Pick your property type and set up your skill development plan to fit that.
  5. Track and measure your progress on a daily and weekly basis.  After a few days and a few weeks you will see progress coming at you from a few directions in things that are working.  When that happens improve your best processes through practice.

If you think your market share can or should be better, take a good long look at what you are doing every day towards your plan of attack.  Revise your plan, build your skills as an agent and start taking the harder and tougher actions.   Rewards are available for those agents that do the right things every day.

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