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Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Build Market Share and Commissions

Every commercial real estate agent wants to be at the top of their market. Some, but not many, agents are already in that favourable position.  The process takes work and focus. 

When you develop a system in your commercial real estate business, results start to happen.  You must develop systems to take you forward in a commercial real estate agency today.  The top agents do just that.

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How to Dominate Your Real Estate Market

To dominate your property market you have to have all of the following under control:

  1. You are the top agent with all of the signs on good properties in the local area. Signage presence locally is wise.
  2. You have more exclusive listings than open listings and you tend to decline open listings to focus on the exclusive stock that you are carrying.
  3. You get vendor paid marketing on all your listings when other agents struggle to do so.
  4. Your property listings feature in the local media editorial as successful and notable deals
  5. You have enquiry coming to you directly because the local business owners and property investors know you as the agent that does the hard work to bring in the deals and the buyers or tenants as the case may be.
  6. Your clients stick with you despite the many approaches of other agents to take your listings
  7. Solicitors and accountants know you as the ‘go-to person’ to solve a property problem for their clients.
  8. Your property listings feature on the internet, in the newspapers, and in the successful deals that go through each month.
  9. Your time on the market is low in that you can convert deals quickly and effectively
  10. You have chosen methods of sale that work for you in any market given that you work your listings hard towards the relative target markets.
  11. You understand the linkage between leasing and commercial property sales and are quite comfortable working with each at any time.
  12. You understand the local property market trends and can tap into the demographic changes and opportunities for your clients.
  13. You have a personal database of at least 600 high-quality prospects who know and trust you as the property expert to go to with sales and leases
  14. You touch base with all your contacts and prospects at least every 90 days with relevant property information and opportunities.

You would be right if you thought this list takes hard work. To be the best local property agent working on commercial real estate, you have to have your system and you need to implement it every day.

Stick to Your Plan

The best property agents are systemised and will not stray from their system. Today you can start your new focus on building your property business and list of contacts

At this very point in time, you can take charge of the future by building your database and making things happen for you. It takes about 3 months of real effort to change the momentum of your networking and prospecting. Very soon new business leads will follow.

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