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In this property market, the Internet is quite important when it comes to marketing commercial real estate. Every commercial real estate agent should seriously consider how they are using the Internet and how that can be improved. Most agents will choose the following basic processes when it comes to the internet marketing of properties for sale and lease.

They are:

  • The establishment of a website to promote the business and properties listed
  • The listing of properties on the website for both selling and leasing
  • Details listed of the real estate business and the salespeople working therein
  • The capturing of enquiry from the website visitors as they land on the home page and seek property details
  • Listing properties for sale and lease on the industry based websites that are commonly used by all agencies

So all of this is quite ordinary and common when it comes to internet marketing in commercial real estate. It is noted that most agents will only ever implement just these things and go no further.

Given that the agency business is quite competitive, anything you can do to improve your internet ranking as the local property specialist will be quite important. In this way, you can capture more enquiry from the Internet search engines, and be seen as the local property expert with your speciality.

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Social Media and Other Online Things

It is very evident today that the Internet is becoming a critical component of commercial property promotion in every marketing campaign. Any property buyer or tenant will go to the Internet initially to seek property detail and market information. How you and your properties rank on the search engines is really very important.

Here are some extra things that can be done to improve your Internet profile in addition to the five items listed above:

  1. The website that you operate from should be keyword optimized. This means that the keywords associated with your business and property speciality should be appearing throughout the site on many of the pages. This helps the search engines identify your focus and business type.
  2. The web pages within the website should have clear page headings that are relevant to the search engines and many people making enquiries. A correct description is quite important so that your website and each page therein can be clearly ranked by the search engines. This also says that each web page should be optimised for the enquiry that you want.
  3. The traditional commercial real estate business covers special types of property listings and enquiry. That could, for example, be retail property, industrial property, or office property. Within each of those property types, the focus will be sales, leasing, or property management. To handle this variation correctly, it pays to have separate landing pages within your website that are optimised for the location and the discipline that is your focus. The separate landing pages will capture the right type of enquiry given that they are optimised for the focus and location (eg New York Property Management).
  4. To assist with the promotion of your website, extra pages of content should be added regularly. This is content that speaks to and about the property type or your location. It is not content that relates to the sale or lease of a particular property listing that is so important, as that will occur anyway within the website all of the time. Search engines like to see keyword rich content being added regularly to your website. If you can do this every few days or even each day, it will significantly help your real estate business ranking within the search engines. A content page created every day will boost your relevance to the search engines.
  5. The search engines like to see extra content rich pages being added to the website on a regular basis. This shows the search engines that you are running an active website that is relative to the industry. It helps them satisfy enquiry from the world wide web.
  6. From your website, it is wise to consider linking to other industry-based websites. Conversely, you can also seek links from other industry based sites back to your website. The search engines like to see linkages with the other high-quality industry based websites and locations. This shows trust and relevance and allows your site to be considered for a better ranking.
  7. Consider writing a blog that contains information and content focused on your property specialty and location. The blog should be updated regularly and contain links to your website and other industry based specialty sites or locations. The blog can be created at little or no cost on one of the blog engine’s such as www.WordPress.Com and
  8. Within your property specialty, you can write informative articles to show the search engines that you know what you are doing and what you know about the local property market. These can be loaded to the article based websites such as or or Each article that you write should be featuring a link back to your real estate business website.

All of these processes will assist your internet marketing position and ranking as a commercial real estate agent. Given that the industry is highly geared to the internet and the world wide web, this is a strategy that can help your commercial real estate business improve levels of enquiry and listing opportunity.

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